The rise of shareholder activism

Panel ‘The rise of shareholder activism’ at the Financial Times Energy Summit, with Natasha Landell-Mills, CFA and Adam Matthews, led by Anjli Raval.

Hope the fossil fuel executives in the audience got the message: their large shareholders want the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement to actually be achieved and therefore want them to truly commit to Paris, and invest accordingly.

Great to be on stage with investors who walk the talk, Sarasin & Partners LLP and The Church of England. Thanks to their support for the Follow This climate resolution, Shell made a U-turn by taking responsibility for all their emissions, including the emissions of their products (Scope 3).

Thanks to their support for the same climate resolutions at BP and Equinor this year (as they revealed on stage) these oil majors are now under pressure to follow Shell in taking responsibility for all emissions.

Photo: Em Fitzgerald