Buy a green share for a friend

The oil industry can make or break the Paris climate agreement. But we have the power to change oil companies. Buy a green share and become a co-owner of an oil company. Together we file green resolutions and get a vote in the future of the oil industry.

With your payment, you become a member of the Follow This association. Follow This purchases a share at today’s share price, and includes a one-time contribution of 5 euros (total price displayed). There is no further financial obligation.

The share is yours and can be reclaimed at any time by contacting Follow This.

For more information about Follow This, please see our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) below and our terms & conditions. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Buying a share – FAQ

What happens when I buy a share through Follow This?

You become co-owner of the energy company of your choice.

With this, you support the mission of Follow This to compel oil and gas companies to stop climate change by putting their brains and billions behind renewable energy. Thanks to your shares, we are able to file and vote on climate target shareholder resolutions and speak on your behalf at the AGM.

Your share will be bought by Follow This and held in the investment account of Follow This on your behalf. However, the share is assigned to you and can be reclaimed (sold) at any time.

We will vote at the shareholder meeting on the Follow This climate resolution on your behalf. 

Do you vote at the AGM on my behalf?

Yes, if you buy a share in Shell through Follow This, we will vote in favour of the Follow This climate resolution.

Why is the price on the website higher than the trading price I can find online?

The price you can find on our website is the opening trading price of today, plus a one time contribution of 5 euros to become a member of the Follow This association. This contribution is used for administrative costs and to keep the organisation running. 

What will my donation be used for?

All donations will be used to directly support the mission of Follow This. Follow This is a small team made up predominantly of volunteers, so the financial support will be used for essential costs (e.g. maintaining the website, communication and financial platforms, wages, travel costs to AGM’s). Every year our expenditures are explained and approved at our annual members meeting, to which all members of Follow This association are invited (if Follow This buys a share on your behalf, you will automatically become a member). 

Why can I only buy one share?

We encourage supporters of Follow This to buy one share, because this makes the biggest impact. As small shareholders in Shell, our influence doesn’t necessarily lie in the percentage of the company we own (that will always remain a small percentage), but in how effectively we are able to organise shareholder support for the company to commit to the Paris agreement. We do this in particular through encouraging large investors to vote for the Follow This climate resolutions. The more shareholders in Shell we represent, the more importance Follow This carries as a discussion partner and the more weight is given to our arguments. 

This means that, in general, we achieve more impact if many people buy one share than if one person buys many shares. 

Can I buy more than one share?

We buy shares in order to work on our mission to stop climate change, not to make a financial profit. Similarly, Follow This should not function as an investment broker for our members, and we are not here to make a profit for our members. 

Furthermore, Follow This makes an impact through the number of supportive shareholders, rather than the number of shares they own, which is why we encourage people enthusiastic about Follow This to buy only one share. 

If you still would like to buy multiple shares, please send an email to [email protected] and we may be able to help you further. The 5 euro contribution will apply to every share you buy. 

Do I receive dividend from my share?

Every year, we receive a small amount of dividend per share (Shell’s dividend in 2019, for example, was around €1.44 per year per share). As this is a small amount, we ask shareholders per email whether they would like this dividend to be transferred to them, or if they would like to donate their dividend to Follow This. We hope that shareholders are willing to donate their dividend, as together, this makes a big difference for us and helps us in our mission. 

When the total amount of dividend is less than 1 euro per person, the dividend can be paid the year after when the total amount over two years is higher than 1 euro (due to the administration overload). In 2020, for example, the dividend was cut across a range of oil majors (e.g. to $0.17 per share at Shell, minus 15% dividend tax), meaning that, because of the large administrative costs, we may not be able to transfer it for 2020.

How can I terminate my membership and what will happen with my share in that case?

You can terminate your membership by sending an email to [email protected] with your request and IBAN number.
Your share will be sold and Follow This will credit the opening share price of the next trading day to your bank account.