Norway says its new giant oil field is actually good for the environment. Critics call it climate hypocrisy

As Mark van Baal, founder of climate pressure group Follow This, put it: “An oil company with targets for its own emissions, and not for its products is like a cigarette producer that promises that all employees will quit smoking, while increasing cigarette production.”

CNN | January 20, 2020

It’s not a boast you usually hear about an oil field: Norway says its huge new facility is great for the environment.

The oil-rich nation claims the Johan Sverdrup field, which was opened with pomp by the Prime Minister last week, is helping to “reduce emissions” because it is completely powered by renewable energy.
“Johan Sverdrup is now open. That’s good news for our investors, for Norway — and for emissions,” boasts the official website of Equinor, the Norwegian state company that operates the field.

Its critics, however, see Norway’s third-biggest oil field ever as a perfect symbol of the Scandinavian country’s climate hypocrisy.

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