Follow This testifies in US Congress Hearing about Big Oil’s climate pledges

Follow This founder Mark van Baal testified in a US Congress Hearing on February 8 to answer questions about the climate plans of oil majors.

“It was quite an experience to testify and be questioned by US Representatives for 3.5 hours,” he said after the hearing. Board members of four major oil companies declined to appear. “We look forward to March 8, when executives of ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, and BP will be questioned.”

These hearings are a continuation of the investigation into the role of Big Oil in misleading the public about the climate crisis, which began last October. In it, we demonstrate that Big Oil today continues the misinformation campaign they began over 40 years ago by misleading their shareholders and the public about the nature of their current climate pledges. The science is clear: emissions must halve this decade. Despite advertising their strategies as congruent with a 1.5 degree scenario or Paris-aligned pathway, Exxon, Chevron, BP and Shell will all increase their emissions in the next 10 years.

You can watch the entire hearing here, or watch the 6 minute summary below.